Are you making holes in steel?

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SP-100 Stud Puncher suitable for electricians, plumbers, air conditioning installers and all contractors requiring to punch holes in steel studs for construction project for housing and commercial installations.

This tool will punch the standard size holes of 25.4mm, 28mm and 32.2mm which are common for the Australian market. Also available is 34.1mm punch & die. These hole sizes will accept PVC bushes which are available from electrical wholesalers that are stockists of conduit and cable bushes and grommets.

SP-100 is portable weighing 3.5kgs and is designed to punch up to mild steel thickness material of 1.2mm and 0.9mm high tensile mild steel. 

The 25.4mm, 28mm, 32.2mm and 34.1mm punch and die sets can be interchangeable with the same puncher body. 

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KamekuralogoSTUD PUNCH TOOL Model RF-C5 

Portable Electric/Hydraulic Construction Work Hole Puncher


Designed to Punch Holes in Channels & Purlins





  •               Maximum thickness; 3.2mm mild steel at 20mm dia.
  •               Pump-motor; 240volt
  •               Develops 10 ton output
  •               Weight; 6.5kg

              Operation is fast and easy to use;

              1. Press button on handle to rotate bottom die 90°

              2. Rotate bottom die

              3. Turn handle clockwise for bottom die to return to centre position

              4. Punch the material


Specially designed for confined work situations. Hole is punched in seconds, quick and easy to use.

Punch & die sets available to suit grommets/bushes for steel metal frame housing; 25.4mm, 28mm, 32.2mm and 34.1mm
















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