M-40L Electric Hydraulic Strut Cutter

Output; 10 ton
Maximum thickness material; 3.2mm mild steel, 2mm stainless steel
Weight; 5kg

The M-40L strut cutter is designed to cut Unistrut and Flexi-strut material with ease. The M-40L metal strut cutters are OH&S compliant, protecting the user from common dangers found in alternative cutting methods such as abrasive and saw cutting applications.

Suitable for use in electrical, air conditioning and plumbing industries as well as in plant and engineering, and various on-site applications. With no waste, mess or deburring. 

Key features;
  • Hydraulic power system driven my 230 volt 420 watt double insulated Hitachi motor
  • Motor casing can be adjusted to 3 different working positions to offer more flexibility when cutting different sections of material
  • Cutting blades housed within the cassette for each type of strut material section
  • Cassette can be easily changed in a few seconds to suit the size of the section required to be cut
  • Enclosed cutter blades prevent injury to the operator during operation

Precision Designed & Manufactured in Japan




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