B&C 19mm & 26mm Rebar Cutter

Stainelec Hydraulic Equipment are the Australian Agents for TaeYeon Machinery Group "B&C" (Bend and Cut) Rebar Cutters and Benders.  Products range from powerful hand-held tools through to portable table units for on-site use to specialised equipment for the production shop. 

B&C is a leading name for Rebar Fabrication Machinery and Portable Cutters and Benders to the Construction Industry.  B&C Rebar Cutters and Benders enable you to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. Products range from powerful hand-held tools through to portable table units for on-site use to specialised equipment for the production shop.  Hand held cutters and benders use electrically driven hydraulics to ensure smooth, powerful and fast results. B&C products are precision made by the TaeYeon Machinery Co Ltd Group who have vast knowledge and experience for fast Rebar Processing Systems. B&C Rebar Cutters and Benders are widely used around the world.

B&C Rebar Cutters boast the following features: 


§         Easy to use

§         Portability for site work

§         Strong and durable with robust construction for harsh environments

§         Safety guard to cutter blade

§         Safest way to cut Rebar on site (no sparks or flame)

§         High output capacity

§         Cut and bend Rebar in seconds (high labour saving)

§         Low maintenance costs

§  Easy to change cutter blades



TYC-HD19 (19mm capacity)

Cutting speed; 4 seconds

Power AC 220V, 50 hz

Motor AC 1.68kw

Weight 13kgs

Dimension (mm); 427 x 105 x 198

Oil Shell Tellus #46







TYC-NHD25 (25mm capacity)

Cutting speed; 4 seconds

Power AC 220V, 50 hz

Motor AC2.5kw

Weight 23kgs

Dimension (mm); 500 x 157 x 250mm

Oil Shell Tellus #46 




TYCHD32     pdf


TYC-HD32 (32mm capacity)

Mobile type cutter capable of cutting up to 32mm diameter rebar


1. Cutting capacity : upto HD32mm, SAIL TMT HCR(Fe550)

2. Motor : 2.2kW(3HP) x 4P AC 240V / 415V 50Hz

3. Power : 3 phase, AC240V/415V 50Hz

4. Weight : 320Kg

5. Dimension : (L)1,175 x (W)650 x (H)800

6. Bars to cut at a time

   HD10/6pcs, HD13/5pcs, HD16/3pcs, HD19/2pcs, HD22 ~ HD32/1pcs

7. Features

   - Can be moved easily by wheels and loading into a vehicle

   - Powerful cutting performance (bar diameter : upto 32mm)

   - All 4 edges of the cutting blade are usable

   - Convenient selection for continuous or one-touch cutting type







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